System Travel

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system travel (v.)
Synonymssystem hopping
Applies toheadmates, system functions

System travel is when a headmate is able to disappear from their original system and appear in a new one. It can be either temporary or permanent.[1]

In some cases, the headmate may remain in their original system, but be able to visit the headspace of the other system and interact there, eventually returning to their home headspace.

Generally, both sides need to be willing to allow the travel to happen. There's disagreement over how system travel is possible - some systems prefer a metaphysical interpretation, while others prefer a communication/cooperation-based one.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Headmates that permanently travel to a new system can be referred to as adoptives. Headmates that travel are not factive, due to disappearing from the original system.

Exomemories are memories that formed outside of a direct connection to the body of the system; traveling headmates commonly have them from their old home.

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