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systemsona (n.)
Applies tosystems, system functions

A systemsona is similar to any persona, but it's a way to represent the system as a whole or collective.

Systemsonas can be of varying sentience, and are different from Singletsonas- as it's a persona that's still connected to being a system.

Some people can see their Systemsona as an overarching quoisentient being can affect what they're able to do, their morals, their interests, etc.

A persona meant to represent the entire system collectively.

Sentience[edit | edit source]

While Systemsonas are usually non-sentient, a lot of people see their Systemsonas as quoisentient- the Brain wanting something, or the System wanting something (with no discernible person correlating with that want).

Can also be connected to Sentient System Functions.