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temagenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems
CoinerCimmerian Chaos

Temagenic (from Greek "τεμάχιο" [temáchio] meaning "fragment, scrap" ) refers to a system that came about through the prior dismantling of one or more systems. It may be cylindric, stopping at a certain point, or continuing indefinitely, or a singular occurrence. This deconstruction may come about willingly or involuntarily due to external trauma, inter-system conflict, or a system's host or another headmate in a position of power stepping down or being forcibly removed from their position. It may or may not include the death of one or more headmates, particularly the previous system's host(s) though this is not necessarily a prerequisite. It may also include deconstruction of social norms in the place of or alongside social structure, particularly for systems whose origin systems have no fixed hierarchical establishment.

History[edit | edit source]

The term was coined by Cimmerian Chaos, and can be found in their Reddit post, created on June 05, 2022.[1] An early attempt at a concrete term emerged around mid March[2], however it lacked a clear definition. Given the etymology however, it can be inferred that it refers to the concept of a death of a system.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Cyclogenic and rotatien are other labels that describe systems that rebuild or change in cycles, often due to things like system collapses.

References[edit | edit source]