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therianthropy (n.)
Other formstherianthrope (n., adj.), therian (n., adj.)

Therianthropy is the belief that someone identifies as an animal, most often one that exists or has existed in the outer world, but may also include fictotherians (animals from media) or theriomythics (animals from mythology and folklore). It is a common myth therianthropy is historically exclusive to animals only found in the outerworld, but this has never been true and therianthropy has deep roots in the werewolf community.

Such individuals are referred to as therianthropes, or therians. Many therianthropes believe their theriotype to be from a previous life, though many identify as their theriotype solely in their current life. This belief could be spiritual, psychological, or related to something else.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Otherkin are individuals who identify non-physically as non-human. Therians are under the otherkin umbrella, which itself is under the alterhuman umbrella.

Fictionkin are kin who either identify as species from fictional media or as characters from fictional media.

Factkin are kin who identify as a person who has existed or will exist in the Shared Reality at some point, either living or dead.