Trauma Holder

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trauma holder (n., v., adj.)
Synonymstrauma bearer
Applies toheadmates

A trauma holder is simply any headmate that holds significant trauma, often to keep others within the system safe from that knowledge. They are more common in traumagenic systems, but can be found in systems of any specific origin since trauma may also be experienced at any time after a system has already formed. These headmates can also be referred to as "holding trauma".

The kind or perceived severity of trauma is diverse amongst trauma holders, and can manifest as being loyal to abusers, unprompted anger, and anxiety. Exotrauma and intratrauma are also seen in these headmates.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A trauma holder may also be, or may be connected to, a memory holder.

Trauma holders have varied reactions to their situations. Some may lash out or make bad decisions, knowingly or unknowingly — these are known as persecutors — while others may use their traumatic experiences to help others, as caretakers, ISH, guardians, or other protective roles.

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