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Other formstulpagenic (adj.), tulpa (n.), tulpamancer (n.)
Applies tosystems, headmates (tulpa, tulpamancer)

Tulpagenic is a system origin for systems who were made because of the practice of tulpamancy or is made up entirely of tulpas. Tulpagenic systems can be spiritual or psychological in nature.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Tulpamancy is the practice of creating a tulpa. Tulpamancy is more widely known than the term tulpagenic and is often used instead of it.

Parogenic is a related concept, but the term may be avoided by some systems in favor of tulpamancy or tuplagenic. Similarly, tulpamancy or tuplagenic may be avoided by some systems in favor of parogenic.

Creation[edit | edit source]

At this time, there has been no coining post or date found. Instead, it appears that tulpagenic became a term as a result of the rising popularity of -genic terms and the word tulpa. History on the term tulpamancy can be found on its page.