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urgenic (adj.)
The variant of the urgenic flag for systems or headmates with strong urges.
Applies tosystems, headmates
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Urgenic is an origin term for a headmate or system that may have formed from, or to hold onto urges, impulses, or habits. [1]

Systems or headmates may consider themselves to be urgenic if:

  • Urges, impulses, habits, needs, or similar are very powerful to ones identity, how they identify, and/or how they represent to others and themselves.
  • They keep an urge, impulse or habit contained, one which often controls their way of acting, thinking, speaking or approaching a situation or people.
  • These urges (or related impulses) effect their daily life and cause hardship in handling their daily routine.

Name[edit | edit source]

The term "urgenic" is derived from the word "urge" and "genic", merging the common "ge" letters. Thus, it is a simplified version of "urge genic".

Flag Meaning[edit | edit source]

The blush red/pink strips on the outside represent showing or expressing one's urges, whether privately or openly for comfort. The carmine red inner stripes represent recognizing one's habits and impulses, whether they are good or bad. The central wine red stripe shows solidarity in aiming for stability in one's impulses, or already knowing how to control them. [2]

There are three variants of this flag beyond the basic meaning:

  • One with black spikes covering the entirety of the flag. It represents someone still in the process of learning to overcome bad habits.
  • One with black spikes covering two-thirds of the flag. It represents someone further along in the process of learning to overcome their bad habits or impulses, and that progress is being made.
  • One with no black spikes over the flag. It represents someone who doesn't know the strength of their habits, do not wish to reveal such information, or have mostly overcome those problems.

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