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Hi! We're a traumagenic, polyfragmented DID system, and an admin on this wiki. We coin some terms, and are often found fixing pages or adding needed ones. We work part time as a librarian, go to college full time, and volunteer at a museum's archive... So we're used to organizing lots of information! Please use she or he pronouns for us.

Our Job Here[edit | edit source]

We mainly tackle medical terminology, pages that require a long history section, or updating backend issues on pages. We were one of the first admins here, so some of the backbone stuff (like our beloved style guide) is our doing, as well as some of the original pages like DID, OSDD, polyfragmented, and the like. (But these are often deserving of updates! Please change anything that needs to be fixed!) I also create & maintain categories, increase the resolution of flags, and turn bases into more easier-for-editing file types (like -based).

I am forever grateful for my fellow admins, the mod team on the Discord, our developer wizards, and Umbral for giving me such a great opportunity to help my community and learn new skills!

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