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Cuddle System's flag

The Cuddle System (stylized as just "Cuddle System") is a Mixed Origin system with 29 members.

Profile Table[edit | edit source]

This may update later but we're going with this for now to introduce ourselves!

Note: Not every headmate is listed here as per privacy requests.

Name Role Pronouns Gender Age Birthday Origin Sexuality
Hailey Host/Core she/her Transfemme 16 May 12 Birth Lesbian
Harriet Co-Host/Protector she/her Cis Female(?) 17? July 6 Chaogenic Lesbian
Andy Persecutor (formerly) she/him Genderfluid 16? September 20 Unknown Abrosexual?
B Pseudolittle/Heckin' cutie she/they Cis Female 15 (physically)



Unknown Unknown Demisexual
G Pseudolittle she/her Intersex 18 (physically)

12½ (mentally)

Unknown Unknown Unknown