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hello! im herbphoenix :3

some stuff about me:

  • im namefluid and pronounfluid
  • i am genderfluid and agender
  • i am abro and acearo
  • i am a chrono-minor and altage
  • i am otherkin and therian and identify as polykin
  • i am a plural non-system/plural singlet
  • i am mentally disabled and neurodivergent
  • i am a very spiritual being and a solitary eclectic hereditary witch

coining terms and making flags is fun for me and im always available to work on the wiki or help with coining

ive been working on and off of this project for over a year and can answer any questions about wiki editing or term coining

my discord is inkyvamp#1143 if you need to contact me

coined terms, flags, & symbols[edit | edit source]

terms[edit | edit source]

synonyms[edit | edit source]

flags & symbols[edit | edit source]

all of our flags and symbols here on the wiki that we’ve made for terms (whether just as a file or up on the term pages)

personal/old & retired flags & symbols[edit | edit source]

please don’t use these. we understand their files are still on the wiki but we want to acknowledge them (and how ugly some of them are)