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Welcome to the Nathyl Homepage!

We& are a Adaptive multigenic Diviplex consisting of the sidesystems Holonym and Raiko Median. Please ask permission before adding anything to our terms, including flags.

The Holonym information[edit | edit source]

  • We do not have a "host"
  • Call us "members" or "headmates", we may refer to some of our members as "parts" but others shouldn't use that language on us.
  • Using "You" is preferred, though we don't mind "You&" or similar.

Raiko Median information[edit | edit source]

  • Collective name: Raiko, Rai is the blanketself.
  • Collective pronouns: no pronouns, but please use plural tense
  • Plural labels: Neurogenic Polyfaceted Webbed Median of exclusively fictives.
    • I tend to use singular tense when speaking about the Median.
    • I am facets, but don't have strong feelings about other terms.
    • Please don't call me a "Median system", only a "Median".
    • You may assume our fictives are up for talking with sourcemates at most times.

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