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we're the Petrichor Polyplex, a polyplex composed of several different sidesystems and a centre system. please use petri/petrichor/petrichorself, rai/rainy/rainyself, or hey/hem/hemself pronouns for us. we do not use they/them

bodily, we are 17 years old, transmasculine and two-spirit, mspec and polyamorous. we are Métis and Ukrainian, although we are white-passing/white-coded. we're neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, dyscalculia, MaDD, schizospec) and mentally ill. we are also physically disabled, experiencing chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and frequently using a cane or rollator

we can be contacted on our Discord, which is petrichor#4405. we're in the Pluralpedia Discord as well and can be contacted through there

our centre system is Petrichor Voices, a mixed origin (though primarily traumagenic and pariogenic) and polyfragmented system. it's very uncommon that the current fronter(s) aren't from Petrichor Voices/PV

our sidesystems include:

  • Disc, a traumagenic, genderfluid, and pansexual system. they use they/them collective pronouns. do not call them Disc System; they are simply Disc
  • Galactic System, a believed endogenic system that is heavily based on Super Mario Galaxy. they collectively use they/them and star/stars pronouns and are abbreviated as GS
  • Magician's Corner, a system with the theme of a large department store. they use they/them pronouns and are testing neopronouns
  • Rabbit System, a system of three that uses they/them pronouns
  • Shiverfog Forest, a system that is largely distant to the rest of the polyplex. they use they/them pronouns
  • Strike Sparsystem, a sparsystem to Petrichor Voices that uses ⚾/⚾s and they/them pronouns and is based on Blaseball
  • The Empiricals, an endogenic and gateway system that is largely median. they use they/them pronouns
  • Wild Vibes Collective, a sparsystem to Petrichor Voices that's mostly endogenic, neurogenic, and traumagenic. vibe use plural vibe/vibes and plural they/them pronouns

Coined Terms[edit | edit source]

As a polyplex, we have coined several plural terms. These include:

  • Active Walk-In, a headmate who can travel between this world and others
  • Attragenic, an origin based on attraction. This was coined by Mim specifically
  • Beauheur, a headmate who stores and shares happiness
  • Coltenoir, a headmate who takes anger from other headmates
  • Component, a member of a blend
  • Dissociation Manager, a headmate who manages and tracks dissociation
  • Emotional Funnel, a headmate who steals and/or waters down the emotions of others
  • Facamorian, a factive who is attracted to and/or in a relationship with their source
  • Ficamorian, a fictive who is attracted to and/or in a relationship with their source
  • Intrasinglet, a headmate without a subsystem, mediansystem, or similar
  • Pariotraumagenic, an origin that combines traumagenic and pariogenic
  • Reliux, a headmate who formed from religion and/or handles religious matters
  • Subsplit, a subsystem in which system members do not share an internal body
  • Timeline Hopping, which is travel beyond the headspace or astral

When it comes to these terms, please ask us before making pages or posts for them on other wikis or sites. Please ask us if you wish to edit the definition.

We have coined some other terms as well but they are purposefully not on this nor any other wiki. If you know of one of those terms, please do not put it anywhere online without our express permission. Several of our terms were on Blossom when it was still up, and when we asked for them to be removed, the credit was simply changed to anonymous. This is not acceptable and if you found a term that way and you are unsure if it is ours or not, you are free to ask.