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Tsukihi, Tsuki, or Tatsu are all shortenings works if you want to shorten the name.

I'm the current king, as we personally use, of χάος which is a Subsystem of a Sidesystem and the only people who will ever touch this account are people of χάος so I will not make any comments on any other part of the system on here, not even the sidesystem we're a subsystem of. This is a space for only us of χάος.

Though that being said, mostly only I will be the one really around since, as king, I'm usually the most in physical control though we often are all conscious at once or with multiple people conscious but this isn't always the case.

This is purposely said vaguely because below will have a base information on us of χάος and we will simply mark who is 'king' there in case it ever switches, since it has happened many times in the past and it can always happen again.

We would be considered a [subside]system. We consider ourselves under one "I" [which the names TsukihiTatsu and χάος both represents] but we all have our own fully separate memories, names, sexualities, genders, etc. We just happen to all coexist to make one full identity, so working together and when are all co-conscious we feel most full and functional and more broken when separate but we can work completely separate and often spend most of our time that way.

Though as things are right now, three of us are still working on rebuilding themselves so expect a lot of trying to work on self discovery over time.

I will not say anything in detail about χάος other than we are traumatic in origin, anything beyond that is between us, the rest of the body, and a medical professional.

χάος[edit | edit source]

Reveraris King- nullpronominal or Pronouny - Protector

Shirō - Pronouny - Officium

[Has yet to decide an outside name] - [Not sure] -

Sebastián - He/him [Maybe] - Prosecutor, Observer

Yokoshi - Any - Emotional Processor, Gatekeeper, Overseer, Janusian, Companion

Enliven - he/him or it/its [for now work] - Caretaker, Comforter, Avenger

Tanshin dead - n/a unknown - Cocoonic protector

Terms Coined / Items Created[edit | edit source]