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Hello. My name is HerbPhoenix. My terms are not to be changed or altered without my permission, and are not to be added to any wikis or bots without my permission. I am not actively working on this project anymore, but I am still available if I am needed, below are my social medias below. If it has a star ⭐️ next to it, it is my preferred way to be contact, if it has an X ❌ next to it, I am asking you not to contact me that way.

Also: Please do not use they/them, he/him, or she/her pronouns when talking about me. My pronouns are it/any neopronouns, and if that’s too hard just use my name.

social media[edit | edit source]


⭐️ toyhouse: inkyvamp

deviantart: herbphoenix

⭐️ discord: herbphoenix#1143

⭐️ twitter: inky_vamp

❌ instagram: inkyvamp

⭐️ tumblr: inkyvamp

artfight: herbphoenix

pronouny: inkyvamp

twitch: herbphoenix

youtube: herbphoenix

❌ reddit: inkyvamp

spotify: herbphoenix

❌ pinterest: inkyvamp

friend project: eyestrain and seizure warning

coined terms, flags, & symbols[edit | edit source]

Terms[edit | edit source]

Terms by Sebastian, the owner of Plural Terms, Oh My![edit | edit source]

Sebastian was a member apart of our systems that created the blog Plural Terms, Oh My! to display his own terms. Due to him being gone, we have reclaimed collective ownership rather than his individual ownership over the terms, with his permission of course. They apply to the hatnote/notice at the top of the page as well.

Synonyms[edit | edit source]

Flags & Symbols[edit | edit source]

All of our flags and symbols here on the wiki that we’ve made for terms (whether just as a file or up on the term pages)

Personal/Old & Retired Flags & Symbols[edit | edit source]

Please don’t use these. We understand their files are still on the wiki but we want to acknowledge them (and how ugly some of them are)