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Image of HerbPhoenix’s body
OriginAdaptive, Spontaneous, & Created Mixed Origin Rotatien Collection

Hello! We are The Flameflower Collection, or just HerbPhoenix. We are an Adaptive, Spontaneous, & Created Mixed Origin Rotatien Collection of currently 20 known members.

We are bodily AFAB (collectively trans ftm), black/mixed, a minor, abled bodied, mentally disabled, and neurodivergent.

Social Media[edit | edit source]

toyhouse: herbphoenix

deviantart: herbphoenix

discord: herbphoenix#1143

twitter: herbphoenixx

instagram: herb_phoenix

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Terms[edit | edit source]

Terms by Sebastian, the owner of Plural Terms, Oh My![edit | edit source]

Flags & Symbols[edit | edit source]

All of our flags and symbols here on the wiki that we’ve made for terms (whether just as a file or up on the term pages)

Personal/Old & Retired Flags & Symbols[edit | edit source]

Please don’t use these. We understand their files are still on the wiki but we want to acknowledge them (and how ugly some of them are)

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

TemplateThis is the template I use for every single userbox on this page! :]

Mental Illness & Neurodivergency[edit | edit source]

BPDThis user has Borderline Personality Disorder

Hyperfixtations & Interests[edit | edit source]

FNAFThis user loves the Five Nights At Freddys franchise

Sourced & Introject Sources[edit | edit source]

CRKThis system has members sourced from Cookie Run Kingdom

LGBTQIA+/MOGAI/GRSM[edit | edit source]

GenderfluidThis user is Genderfluid

Other/Random[edit | edit source]

KinThis user is Otherkin and Fictionkin