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Hey! We really appreciate all the terms you’ve added, but a lot of folks have noticed that they aren’t formatted properly, and we were hoping you could go back and make sure they’re formatted correctly? The style guide or looking at other pages can help with that! Just mostly formatting and grammar needs to be fixed :> thanks!! —HerbPhoenix (they/them) - OSDD-1a System 20:37, 21 August 2022 (UTC)

regarding the editing of the words[edit source]

so- usually Landon helps w the pedia words; but he's been off doing scout duties- Lizzie and MG (from his source: Legacies) are recently new- so we don't really ask them to do the pedia tasks

and usually what we do regarding the words, is basically- something happens to us, and then we have a word for it eventually- then we put it in our private server for Landon to post (lately tho, we've been pinning the words to the channel theyre in)- coz otherwise we dont really keep ourselves w the pedia tasks as often as we should


all this to suggest- perhaps if we get help from ya to tell us which words need editing- that would be great- we've accepted we may never get access to yas' server again and are okay with it- it's for the safety of ya's' members', and ofc i want that too- but help is appreciated when help is needed-

xx Faedom