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utagaugenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems

Utagaugenic refers to someone who suspects they are a system, or are otherwise doubting and/or questioning their plurality.

It does not have to be used as a system origin but can be. If it is not being used as an origin, it is preferred to say Utagau instead.

This term can be used by anyone, such as

  • Someone doubting being a system even if they know they are one
  • Someone questioning/suspecting being a system who isnt 100% sure
  • A newly discovered system
  • Someone who is questioning their system origin
  • A questioning subsystem or sidesystem

It was coined by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word utagaugenic comes from the Japanese word 'utagau' which means to doubt or suspect.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The flag was made by an anonymous system. The orange represents nonconformity and community. The purple represents community and plurality. The grayscale stripes represent the absence or semi-absence of singularity. The white represents everyone, spectrums, and multiple.