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walk-in (n., v.)
Other formswalked-in
Applies toheadmates, system functions

Walk-in is a word that has different meanings in different system communities.

A common definition refers to a headmate who comes from elsewhere in the inner world or another world other than shared reality. This phenomenon or manifestation most commonly occurs within gateway systems, or similar types.[1]

The term may also be used in tulpamancy or thoughtforms to describe a tulpa that was not created by the host and appear fully formed.[2] There are many different explanations for why this can occur among tulpamancers and some don't consider them tulpas at all.

There is also a new-age concept of a walk-in that involves a soul replacing the preexisting one, though this is not always considered a plural experience.[3] The term is also used by some therians and kin to explain their identity.[4][5]

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