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warden (n.)
Synonymssuperintendent, governor, director
Applies toheadmates, system functions
CoinerFallen Hearts Galaxy

A warden is a sub-type of protector that keeps the system safe from malicitors, trechtors, and persecutors by acting as a barrier between persecutors and other headmates. Wardens may act as a communicator for a persecutor to others (and vice versa). They may also keep persecutors separated from the rest of the headmates for the safety of others with the express intent of rehabilitation and/or reform - not punishment.[1]

The term is derived from the name of a chief officer of a prison in the United States - called a superintendent, governor, or director in other parts of the world. Warden as a plural term was originally inspired by Caroline and Justine from Persona 5.

The persecutor counterparts of wardens are called imprisoners.

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