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Not to be confused with armistive, a term for introjects that don't want to disclose whether they are a fictive or factive

faitive (n.)
Other formsf*cktive (n.), fcktive (n.), fuctive (n.), fucktive (n.), fxctive (n.)
Synonymsmixed introject (n.)
Applies toheadmates
CoinerOur World's End Gate, Frozen Nebula City, GreySkies, and the Wanderheart Collective.

A faitive is a system member that has traits of both fictive and factive.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Introject is an umbrella term for headmates who have a source.

One of the forms of faitive, "fucktive", was coined by Fucktive Fair independently to have a different definition, one of the same meaning as armistive.